Project Management For Your Remodel

$1560 USD


  • Project Book which includes all designs, color pictures and measurements, plus note section for dates and communicating changes for each space
  • Updating project book as needed incl. changes for contractor and trades
  • Accepting delivery of products & tracking products
  • Putting in warranty claims for any missing or damaged products
  • 6 site visits to the project
  • Our Gift to You: "5 Tips to a Successful Remodel" E-Book

The purpose of a project manager is to have 1 point of contact to communicate timelines, relay changes to the contractor and homeowner and to ensure each milestone is met during your remodel. The project manager will be the liaison between the contractor and his team of trades and you. Duties include: site visits beyond the design site visits to make sure the project is meeting deadlines, coordinating materials arriving at the home and accepting deliveries.